MAY 23, 2019 I HG 1010

Sponsored by Critical Theory

Eikoh Hosoe, Kamaitachi #8, 1965


Coffee I 9-9:30

Salvage I 9:30-11

“A Discussion on the Role of Fiction in the Dissemination of Information Concerning Climate Change” I Emily Romero

“Recurrence of Neorealism in Different Landscapes” I Yanit Mehta

“A Subsistence View on Waste” I Akif Ullah Khan

“The Un-Anthropocentric Approach to Gleaning in Agnes Varda’s The Gleaners and I” I Lesly Vallejo L.

Respondent: R. Radhakrishnan

Envelop I 11:15-12:45

“Develop the Wall: How Developers are Pushing Blacks and Latinos out of Their Homes” I Daniela Velazco

“The Potential of Community Archives as a Liberatory Tool for Prison Abolitionists” I Rayne Pothong

“The Courage to Leap: Fatima Meer’s Community of Activism” I Kyrra Thiel

“Code Switch: Analyzing the Peculiar Life of the Colonized Intellectual and the Necessity of Domestic Communication” I Kamerahn Shaun Francisco-Laititi

“Finding Home: The Liberatory Power of Black Resilience, Vulnerability, and Imagination” I Taariq Elmahadi

Respondent: Frank B. Wilderson III

Lunch 1-1:45 I Humanities Commons

Split I 1:45-3:15

“Cultural Difference as a Site of Domination: Writing Against the ‘Clash of Cultures’ Trope” I K Persinger

The Road to Mecca and Athol Fugard’s Construction of Race, Gender, and Disability” I Gordon Wong

“Helon Habila’s Holy Water and Occult Oil: Religious Violence in the Literary Environment” I Oliver Patterson

Respondent: Eyal Amiran

Condition I 3:30-5

“(STEM)ming on What Children Need to Learn from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to Cyberchase” I Yvette Corina Vargas

“Imbedded Ideology: Reproducing and Challenging Its Curricular Manifestations” I Nicole McCarthy

“Poetry as a Bridge to Understanding” I Jacob Alarcon

Conatus and Phronesis: How to be Moved” I Arthur Gabriel Tapia

“How the Speech of Madness Transgresses Existing Boundaries and Enables a Thinking Beyond” I Lea Hedeskov 

Respondent: Rei Terada

Reception 5-7 I Humanities Commons


Humanities Gateway, 4100
Irvine, CA 92697

Blood Orange, “Dagenham Dream,” 2018